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Advertise online, but not satisfied with the result at 100%?

Our experts will audit your advertising campaigns, find errors and help to correct them.

Our work begins with the study objectives and the analysis of advertising campaigns. As our practice shows, we can increase the effectiveness of your current advertising campaigns by 40-90% .

The second stage – the selection and launch of new tools of Internet advertising. Following our recommendations, you will increase the profitability of your investment in Internet marketing.

You have no experience advertising on the Internet? We will find the necessary tools to promote your online store and will help to increase sales online.

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  • Our experience

    10 years in internet marketing. 500+ customers in 17 countries. 5000+ advertising campaigns in the 50 countries of the world.

  • Focus on results

    We are always working to achieve the goals of our clients and the implementation of KPI. Undertake only those projects which can be guaranteed to be useful to the advertiser.

  • Bright minds

    Advertising campaigns of our clients are served by professionals who have been certified by the program Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrics.

Our strengths:

Extensive experience with Internet shopping and other e-commerce projects (more than 70 sites).

Thorough knowledge of web Analytics: 9 specialists of the Agency have received the status of Google Analytics Qualified.

Deep knowledge of all the basic tools of Internet advertising.

In our work we use a comprehensive approach to promote the online store, which includes:

  • analysis of the current state of Affairs (analysis of promotional activities, web Analytics, usability audit);
  • recommendations for improving the usability of the site;
  • development and implementation of strategies to promote the online store;
  • holding advertising campaigns;
  • creating creative (banners and other promotional materials);
  • constant analysis and adjustment of advertising campaigns;
  • focus on results – increase your sales.

Among our services for online stores and e-commerce projects:

  • contextual advertising is the online store;
  • the product aggregators and sites price comparison;
  • SEO – search engine optimization (SEO online store);
  • display advertising;
  • teaser advertisement;
  • targeted advertising in social networks;
  • web Analytics;
  • audit your advertising campaigns.

Send the application form and our specialists will prepare the optimal solution for your online business.

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