Advertising of an insurance company, insurance services

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Advertising of an insurance company, insurance services

Most often, insurance companies are faced with situations that adversely affect the image and prevent to earn more:

  • general mistrust towards the insurance market;
  • negative reviews on the Internet from competitors or disgruntled customers;
  • dumping (many companies due to attract customers resort to an artificial and unreasonable underpricing).

If your company is familiar with these situations – you need online advertising now.

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  • Our experience

    10 years in internet marketing. 500+ customers in 17 countries. 5000+ advertising campaigns in the 50 countries of the world.

  • Focus on results

    We are always working to achieve the goals of our clients and the implementation of KPI. Undertake only those projects which can be guaranteed to be useful to the advertiser.

  • Bright minds

    Advertising campaigns of our clients are served by professionals who have been certified by the program Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrics.

Contact UaMaster, and we will help to solve the challenges faced by insurance companies:

  • advertising of auto insurance (MTPL, CASCO, Green card);
  • advertising of personal insurance (life insurance, accident, health, travel);
  • advertising of saving insurance (pension insurance, life, children, staff);
  • advertising of property insurance (home insurance and home property, property of legal entities, goods);
  • advertising of financial insurance production insurance, mortgage);
  • attracting new customers;
  • reputation management and reviews;
  • the other tasks.

For commercial insurance companies online we offer a wide range of tools that will help to solve different tasks:

  • contextual advertising will lead users to the site are already interested in insurance);
  • display advertising (will generate demand and will be informed about promotions and insurance services);
  • SEO (will raise your site in the search results on leading position);
  • SERM (will help to track and neutralize the negative reviews from competitors or disgruntled customers);
  • web Analytics (you will be able to track each of the sources used Internet promotion);
  • call tracking (call tracking will allow for offline conversion) and others.

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