YouTube has introduced a series of updates designed to help brands and creators improve conversions, expand reach, and facilitate content sharing: Product Tagging in Live Streams Creators in the YouTube Shopping Partner Program can now tag products from participating merchants in live streams, videos, and shorts. Adding tags to featured products in live streams displays […]

Google Analytics 4 introduces a new consent mode settings section available to all users worldwide. This feature was added to prepare to enforce the Google Policy on obtaining user consent in the European Union (EU UCP). According to this policy, advertisers must send consent signals to display personalized ads in the United Kingdom and the […]

Full compensation for affected marketers is not guaranteed, but certain measures can be taken to increase their chances of receiving compensation. Meta has apologized to marketers for the advertising campaign outage that resulted in campaigns overspending by “thousands.” The tech giant confirmed the restoration of services and expressed sympathy for any inconvenience caused to advertisers. […]

YouTube recently announced new features in Studio to assist creators in optimizing content, including enhanced insights, shareable clips, and improved playlist analytics. The update offers creators more information and customization for their channels. Expanded Insights Tab YouTube Studio’s advanced Insights tab, previously available on mobile for Shorts, is now extended to the desktop version. It […]

To further empower advertisers and marketers, Meta has unveiled its latest feature – Engaged-view setting – aimed at bolstering conversion insights within the realm of video advertising. This innovative addition enables advertisers to gain deeper insights into conversions within one day after a viewer has watched a video ad. By providing this enhanced visibility into […]

While marketers have limited budgets, they still show significant interest in Super Bowl LVIII, scheduled for February 11, 2024. CBS has nearly sold all of its advertising slots for the game before the start of November, with prices ranging from $6.5 to $7 million for a 30-second ad. These prices have remained roughly the same […]

Marketers should transition to a new bidding strategy before commissions (for stays) and commissions (for conversions) are phased out. In October of this year, Google Ads will gradually stop using commission-based bidding strategies for stays and conversions for hotel advertising. Instead, the platform offers alternative bidding strategies such as target return on ad spend (tROAS) […]

This new tool from LinkedIn, called Website Actions, simplifies website activity tracking by eliminating the need to involve developers in intricate coding for tracking and attributing actions. This tool allows B2B marketers using the Insight Tag on LinkedIn to set up new conversions, create audiences for remarketing, and measure campaign impact without the necessity of […]

TikTok is currently testing the option to upload 30-minute videos for selected users in its beta version. This move could be a significant step towards providing more opportunities for brands and marketers to place ads within longer videos, known for achieving higher completion rates and audience engagement. Observations from social media consultant Matt Navarra indicate […]