YouTube is experimenting with embedding ads directly into video streams, marking a new strategy in its battle against ad-blockers. Why it matters? The “server-side ad injection” technique integrates ads into the main video file itself, making them indistinguishable from the content for client software and extensions that aim to block ads. Why we care? By […]

Pinterest is introducing new AI-powered advertising tools and forming measurement partnerships to enhance performance and ensure brand safety for advertisers. What’s new? Pinterest is unveiling an “Ad Labs” innovation program to test prototypes such as: Additionally, Pinterest is expanding brand safety validation through partnerships with measurement firms IAS and DoubleVerify. These AI-driven updates demonstrate Pinterest’s […]

LinkedIn is introducing new features to assist B2B marketers in building their brands and engaging with its network of 1 billion professionals. Wire Program The first initiative is the integration of streaming video ads alongside publisher content. According to a LinkedIn spokesperson: “The Wire program is accessible in all languages on both mobile devices and […]

Smart Shopping campaigns will soon transition to Performance Max, showcasing a shift towards more sophisticated, AI-driven ad formats. Microsoft has notified all advertisers that their Smart Shopping campaigns will be upgraded to Performance Max in the coming months. Why this matters? This mandatory transition signifies Microsoft’s dedication to advancing AI-driven ad formats, potentially affecting numerous […]

PayPal plans to offer personalized promotions and advertising, targeting its approximately 400 million users. PayPal is developing an advertising business that will leverage the vast amounts of data collected on consumer purchases and spending habits. What’s happening? This digital payments giant plans to create an ad network that will allow merchants and brands to target […]

In a new blog post, Google’s new head of Search, Liz Reid, addressed the backlash over AI Overviews. Google explained how AI Overviews work, their origins, and the improvements made and planned for the future. Despite the criticism, Google stated that users “have higher satisfaction with their search results and are asking longer, more complex […]

Google has an incentive to encourage users to click on its sponsored ads, but this should not come at the expense of user experience. In recent years, this aspect of Search seems to have deteriorated, with Google engaging in practices that negatively affect users. Traditionally, search engine users are used to seeing ads either at […]

Perhaps search engines built on artificial intelligence will not lead to the end of search. This may be due to the concept of ‘Query Deserves Ads’. Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently discussed the future of search, emphasizing the importance of sites and search engines (which is great news for search engines) and recognizing the role […]